Friday, 20 June 2014

b.Every a Big Project falls

The last part is here:   Business Jinx

Sigh ... Sad, sad, sad ... One of my big projects is postponed indefinitely.

There is a damage hit and I am now licking my wound.

Keeping it in view lor. Painful.

Hope I can return to it fastest.

As Tengri is great, he will always open a small window for me. Love my Tengri deep deep.

The other small project of white rental property is also off. Can't trust the fuckers.

In white land, it is important to note than rental properties are not great assets. Only in Asian markets can one be more certain. The reason being that the white properties are normally made of paper. It is useless running them. It costs too much to maintain and pay taxes.

Working off the land is still the safest path for me. Love myself. In land, even if you don't have power or water, you can still depend on Tengri to supply the plants with water and sunshine. You only need to bring in the seeds and fertilizers. It is that simple. Without roads, no problem. The seeds are light. No power, no problem. Stay warm in town. The plants don't need warmth all the time. When it is time to grow, the plants will grow. You just need to own the land. Even planting trees is super lucrative. Ask any Malaysians, they will tell you. You can harvest teak in 7-8 years.

I am now in battle mode. In battle mode, I am not allowed to go into depression.

Even if I were to fall now, I don't really care. I build my own reality. A friend just told me that I am beginning to look like a scavenger. I asked really? She said in no uncertained term that I am looking more and more like her father. Every 5 years, changes to a smaller car and smaller house. Fuck her! She is so sharp.

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