Monday, 23 June 2014

b.To Strange Land

The last part is here:   Strategy - Strangeness In White Land

With the world cup well underway, the strangeness in white land is so unique that I am now brought to a new height. Now they are offering me to buy a white land that is a few times bigger than some of my current assets. They are so awfully nice. The reason is the land owner is a second-generation that refuses to return to that birth place that once nurtured him. He said it was too much of a burden. He has let go and moved on.

I smiled. They are so sweet. They even throw in a very large lake connected by a long river for my pleasure. They said the water is very sweet and full of minerals. I am only interested in the lake view. LOL.

A nice show:   同桌的你
The value in romance is not the look of the young gal but the passage that traversed by both the guy and the gal. The value is maximum when the connection is perfected.

Let's enjoy the show ...

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