Sunday, 8 June 2014

b.Property Investment - White Knights

The last part is here:   Megatrend - Depression Pushing Through

Finally I am back to my cave. So nice to be home, sweet home. The plane had only 150 passengers, of whom only 5 are yellowskins, i.e., 3%. This is an important percentage. It meant that the yellowskins are not here to push up the property prices. The whites are stuck in their own problems.

Just when I thought I got killer investments in Malaysia, the white agents gave me offers I cannot refuse.

The depression continued to bite. ECB moves deposit rate into negative territory for the first time, as of 05 June 2014, hoping to avoid a Japan's lost decade. This is how serious the case of massive quantitative easing is.

The average return-on-investment in Malaysia is 8 years. I thought I was brillant. How wrong!

The white properties are giving me a return-on-investment of 2 years. This is really a joke. I can't believe my own eyes. Now I have to count my chickens and eggs and hatching them. Shit! I got so little money.

My partner-in-crime always remind me that in every investment, we must always consider its return-on-investment and that return-on-investment must also be immediate. He is wise beyond his years.

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