Monday, 16 June 2014

g.Sexual Harassment

The last part is here:   Skirt-Chasing - Bluff the Gal a Dream

Fuck her ... I am of medieval age lah. How on earth does she think she can sexually harass me? (shake head)

I am currently in the thick of building my business. I have no time for such rubbish. I may be alone, but I am no mood for sex. I have far better choice.

She chatted me up. Asked for my phone number. We were casually talking over the counter with ten good feet between us. After less than 5 minutes, she threw away the counter and came straight for me. Dai lo ... too fast liao. She would laugh happily and tried to put her hand on my shoulder. I withdrew straight away and ended the conversation after 15 minutes.

I am no easy meat. She told me she was 22 yo and in need of help.

Sometimes being a good Samaritan and friendly neighbour is unhealthy. I better stick to my igloo and my pet bear.

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