Saturday, 16 November 2013

b.Strategy - Strangeness in White Land

The last part is here:   Strategy - How to survive in White Land

I have heard guys around me complaining non-stopped about how strange white land is.

Always remember traditions were built over thousands of years. The white land is tens of thousands of miles from our ex-home town. When one travels from one place to another, things are different. Language are different. Habits are different. People are different. Do not at any one time impose our knowledge and habits on them. We will fail.

But, if we try to assimilate into their culture and customs. We would be at least 10 thousand years' too late. So please don't bother. Instead be humble, acknowledge their leaderships. Don't fight them. But, deep down don't ever assimilate. There is no use.

When you get home. Play your own music. Play your own songs. Watch your own movies. Eat your own food. Speak your own language. Build a very, very strong core. Cry if you must. But, don't despair.

There are many strangeness in the white land. First and foremost, they don't work. They depend only on government's subsistence payments. Second, they are very proud about their way of life. They don't like to change. They rent and  live in paper houses and proudly claimed that they are rich. Amazing. Many locals can't even afford to travel, not even across provinces.

They use stupid things like water tank heaters for their hot water supply, without thinking that these heaters are very expensive to maintain. With the yellowskins squeezing their house sizes. They will feel the pain within one generation.

Other things that are strange are they like to gamble at their toto shops, fruit machines. I saw thousands of dollars changed hands at the casinos. I saw their distress. They smoked weed all the time. They humped all sorts of gals. I saw their loss of will. Every day, they will look towards getting money from the government. They will stop work the moment they feel that the government is going to pay them free money. They talked non-stopped about weather and how their cats do somersaults. They dealt with non-ambition. Only immigrants have ambitions. Only immigrants will quarrel non-stopped. When the guys are in need of power, they will fight in their pubs.

Very strange, indeed.

When I speak to them about ambition, they will look strangely at me and express strangeness, as if their world don't need ambition.

More strange is that they are excited about holding down 2 part-time jobs and yet never bother about holding down a good full-time job. They will sleep till the sun-set.

They will play hide-and-seek in the cinemas after the show times till wee mornings and use their cinema screens to play xbox. To them, this is already their top-of-the-range entertainment. No doubt about it to a certain extent. But, these people owned no houses, no cars, no papers, no assets, no cash, but, maximum pride.

Sigh ... strange white land ... Let's enjoy the building power of the yellowskins.

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