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b.孫子兵法 (作戰篇第二) (Chapter 2 - 3) (Part 13)

The last part is here:   孫子兵法 (作戰篇第二) (Chapter 2 - 2) (Part 12)


          其用戰也貴勝,久則鈍兵挫銳,攻城則力屈,久暴師則國 用不足。夫鈍兵挫銳,屈力殫貨,則諸侯乘其弊而起,雖有智者,不能善其後矣。故兵聞拙速,未睹巧之久也。夫兵久而國利者,未之有也。故不盡知用兵之害者,則不能盡知用兵之利也。
          國之貧于師者遠輸,遠輸則百姓貧。近師者貴賣,貴賣則百姓竭,財 竭則急於丘役。力屈、財殫,中原內虛于家。百姓之費,十去其七﹔公家之費:破軍罷馬,甲冑矢弩,戟盾蔽櫓,丘牛大車,十去其六。
          故殺敵者,怒也﹔取敵之利者,貨也。故車戰,得車十乘已上,賞其 先得者,而更其旌旗,車雜而乘之,卒善而養之,是謂勝敵而益強。故兵貴勝,不貴久。 故知兵之將,民之司命,國家安危之主也。

Let's continue ...


Some translation suggested: 
The skillful soldier does not raise a second levy, neither are his supply-wagons loaded more than twice.
Bring war material with you from home, but forage on the enemy. Thus the army will have food enough for its needs.

Let's discuss:

善用兵者,役不再籍,:   A skillful general will not conscript his men more than once.
糧不三載﹔取用于國,:   There is no need to store war supplies for more than 3 years. Do take from the state.
因糧于敵,故軍食可足也。:  For further supply needs, forage from the enemy territories. Thus, the army will have food enough for its needs.

To wage a war, one must do it as if it is based on excess capital. If you don't have enough spare capital, never wage a war. Waging a war means you are invading new territory. Invading a new territory means you are expanding your ownership. Now, you understand full well why I suggest using full cash to gain new territory.

Just today, I was visiting my bank. The cashier curiously asked me why I am paying the ultra-grand chieftain. I said to pay for the down-payment for a piece of land. She then suggested I should take a loan for the best effects. I replied I have enough to complete the deal. She then said good for me. But, she went on to ask again. I smiled.

She understood that by not taking a loan, I am almost guaranteed of success. If I were to take a loan, I may close the deal, but, it is almost impossible for me to complete the deal. Because any time over the loan repayment periods, I might be sick, I might have urgent needs, then I go back on my repayments. I would die-cock-stand. Then what wealth are you accumulating? You have just work for free for the banks - the true blood-suckers.

Will you be weak since you can only start very small? Yes, the generations game theory states that you would have to start very small. But, each small start will add to a better start next round and the next round. After a while, you realize you can command the grand chieftains' attention. There is no better path. Just start as small as possible and as soon as possible.

How to start? Just look around. Be patience. Opportunity is where no people is looking. I often been asked: For 5,000 years, wouldn't every trick has been tried? NO. Otherwise, we will never have airplanes, computers, cell phones and internet. You just have to be very observant and creative.

LOL ... of course I am not telling you the true investables in public. If I am no longer around, ask my blood relations for the list.

I am now fasting in my temple for tomorrow's grand chieftains' meeting. There are battle considerations to think through.

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