Thursday, 14 November 2013

b.Exploration - The White Co-operative

The last part is here:   That Straight Narrow Path

學那春蠶吐心絲 自縛繭追隨君背 掏盡我生命 來換你的愛 盡此生都不悔 ...

Every step is difficult. It is so difficult that one must never despair. It is just part of a very difficult path. Once you have gotten through, it is fun to look back and marvel at the feats you have been through. Right now, my path is still so uncertain that I wonder if I could still come out alive.

From the ring of white chieftains, the chieftains I have spoken to were so very fierce. They were so proud that they refused to even talk to me. They mentioned they were governed by a white chieftain co-operative. Every sizable farm business had to join this cartel. They would produce and sell everything to this cartel. The cartel would set the price at the beginning of each year. In the event of over-supply, the cartel would dump the external market. These producers would be paid in 4 installments, spread over the whole fucking year ahead. On top of that, a part of their receivables was made to buy shares in the co-operative and cannot be paid till the producers are 70 years of age. Sounded like a fucking con job from another fucken little island.

The most draconic measure was that if any of the chieftains were to under-produce what they produced last year or failed to deliver on time. Their membership to the co-op would be terminated immediately. Their wares would be sold in the open market as bulk.

So when I said I am a buyer of their wares, their faces changed from white to red. They were embarrassed by my brashness. How can a small fart with a small budget be talking to them the farmers. Out of curiosity, they asked me for my volume, I told them a very modest figure, but mentioned that I would pay cash for the wares. They started to chide me for being such a small fart. I smiled. If a rich cattle farmer needs to talk to me to buy his heifers, I can't be that bad, after all I was the only yellowskin in the whole ring of camp fire. No pinoys, no shitskins, no yellowskins.

I then inquired if I could sneak some wares off them on the quiet. They then replied in a very straight face. They couldn't. I smiled. Whites are so easy to handle.

In conclusion, they finally asked me what happen if they deliver in quantity less than what I have asked. I then replied in agreement that I will source my short-fall from other farmers. They then heaved a sign of relief. My power as a buyer was felt to the fullest by now. If I commit the quantity to them, they can be rest assured that I will honour the purchase as their supplies formed only a part of my ingredients every year.

Cartel, my foot! See how I use cash to kill the co-op's strangle hold on these chieftains. So sad. I didn't know for all their proudness, they have been too fucken by the government-of-the-day.

Learn to smell behind that facade, their true weakness.

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