Monday, 25 November 2013

p.Article - Unwilling to Burden Family with Medical Bills, 95 year old Samsui Woman Commits Suicide (II)

The last part is here:   Article - Unwilling to Burden Family with Medical Bills, 95 year old Samsui Woman Commits Suicide

Chao chee bye ... As expected, this news has more or less died down. People are so superior-scented. But, they never know, once upon their blood-line, they must have had it bad too. So, please don't feel superior, there is none to begin with. Don't ever try to let karma extinguishes your blood-line like that of Hitler's and Stalin's.

I would like to say "thank you" to asingaporeanson, for writing about her in the essay, Die Can, Sick Cannot.

So much memories ... my partner-in-crime just told me that his mother might know her personally. I have already asked him to make arrangement for me to pay my respect to her when I next visit.

My blooded relation was in construction too. Back in those days, every one of us yellowskin was construction worker. We are part of a very big family with very common thoughts. My blooded relation had poor eye-sight due to poor working conditions. Did the fuckens knew? I bet they did. But, who cares!

If fuckens don't honour her, that doesn't mean I cannot do it. They are actually beneath my reproach.

Madam Lu
I would like you to watch this classic show - 
枇杷巷口故人來 (全劇) - 任劍輝 白雪仙
Please enjoy ...

I concurred with asingaporeanson. When I first landed in white land, I worked as a construction site worker, carrying rocks and breaking cement, at minimum wage for 8 bucks an hour, break-times were not counted as work. I couldn't even last 2 weeks in a construction site. Most whites are double my height. I was told to go by my boss, let alone trying for 40 years. This is not funny.

Rest well, please, Mdm ... May your life story be remembered ... I also hope that your family will allow your story to be remembered for future generations, learning from you the selfless and silent sacrifice. We shall drink to your goodness.

Yellowskins did not fail. They are hard-working, resourceful, thrifty and silent campaigners.

Based on the above qualities, the yellowskins would have done well everywhere they venture. But, no. Once they established themselves in foreign soil, instead of remembering how hard they have come along and help those newer, they choose to tekan the newer and burr-er immigrants, as the much easier targets.

But, to what ends, what comes round, goes round. The yellowskins then degenerate and become weak once again, to be tekan by others. Yellowskins' history is so full of such examples.

Tonight, let me focus on Madam Lu and those whom we might or might not have known, who have worked so tiredlessly for a future. She didn't let herself down. It is fuckens, men mouthing honesty, equality and honour, that have let her down. She has fulfilled her part of the bargain. I would very much like to fulfill mine by honouring her. 

It takes great courage to move from China to south. It takes even greater courage to judge what's good for the family and end it all. Your courageous act is no less significant than a soldier who throws himself on a land mine, so that his companions may not be pinned down in a hopeless struggle to survive.

Money cannot buy this act ... It must first come from love ...

My blood relation and my partner-in-crime's mum must have known you in person, staying in the same area. You are definitely family to us.

Rest well ... go well ...

(Purple Heart)

(Deep bow) x 3 ...

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