Friday, 15 November 2013

p.Show - 射雕英雄传 1983

The last part is here:   Show - 天龍八部之六脈神劍 1982 

The show is here:   射雕英雄传83版 粤语

The actors were 黄日华,翁美玲,苗侨伟,杨盼盼. A beautiful combination. This is a very, very good show. Never stopped watching every 10 years. Another journey opens ...

Plenty of chance to cry.
满江红 - 罗文
怒髮衝冠 憑欄處 瀟瀟雨歇
抬望眼 仰天長嘯 壯懷激烈
三十功名塵與土 八千里路雲和月
莫等閒 白了少年頭 空悲切
靖康恥 猶未雪 臣子恨 何時滅
駕長車 踏破賀蘭山闕
壯志飢餐胡虜肉 笑談渴飲匈奴血
待從頭 收拾舊山河 朝天闕

To survive, we have to surround ourselves with familiar objects. Don't try to assimilate. You would be disappointed.

On this land, there are so many pinoys. They are locusts to the land. Don't trust any pinoys. The guys and gals are great consters. I have no good fuckens with them.

It may seem slow if we don't integrate with the locals, we would be shunt from their communities. But, what's the use of joining their communities to feel lost. Our direction is to be hard working. You won't learn it right from them. Most of the locals are so used to be lazy that we would end up even more lost. These guys are willing to take on jobs that are always at minimum wages. They talked non-stopped about the weather. But, I couldn't. I can't even live just for myself. Such is the difference. We just have to burn a little more to get going faster.

I just received good news that my wares have orders. A very, very small order indeed, but, it was good enough for me. A very honest deal. A very delightful project. I wish all who were involved happy days. This project is very important not only to me, but to all the families involved with the project. If done correctly, this business will feed them and their families for the next thousand years. I am glad to be of good company. First, I would like to thank my partner-in-crime for believing in me that a maverick like me could be controlled and directed towards greatness. My humble thank-you to him. Next, I would like to thank a friend. She single-handedly against all odds fulfilled my bidding. Harshly, at many times. I apologized for my brashness. It was the pressure to see the project through. It was so hard, hard, hard for 4 long years. I hope she forgives me for the bad behaviour. I will do my utmost never to disappoint her. There are many others. You and I know who we all are. A big thank-you. I better don't listed them out. Lol. Otherwise, my infrastructure is as naked as the day.

We must be in business. Fool's stop.

Let's enjoy the show ... I will comment about the show later ...

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