Saturday, 23 November 2013

b.Exploration - Town Planning (II)

The last part is here:   Exploration - Town Planning

Question:   How to survive a small town?

The internet is your friend. Internet has transcended all dimensions. In the past, magazines are the only sources of selling. You get very thick magazines with plenty of goodies in between the pages. Magazine shopping was the order of the day. Due to distances, it is way easier to find what you need amongst the pages. Now, with the internet, everything's changed. The internet is not just a catalogue, but it can react back. It can give advice, reply to questions and provide bargaining ability.

In that fucken little island, the catalogue marts are everywhere. Gals embrace the internet way faster than guys. They are now shopping and getting their stocks from the weekly snail-mails. The national post is a cheap way to deliver things. The superstores are now fucked. It is only a matter of time that they will give way to smaller shops.

So start an internet shop and start making things that are demanded. Deliver them using the national post. With a bit of patience, you will get somewhere. The best way to gain attention is to blog. Do controversial blog. Get notice. The approach of your blog must not be in the same style as this blog. This blog aims to kill traffic, not encourage.

After about 10 years, you are well on the way to some profit. Of course, you can do the same for all other town / city types. But, your game is never to get by. Your aim is to get to know the real pulse of the farm land. The only way is to be very close to the very people that play the games. For example, some of the small town listings are not on the internet. You thought you must be kidding me? Yes. It is true. Not all listings are on the internet. Why? Because the owner wanted only to be known only within the local list. Funny. Stupid. But, true. It is very interesting indeed. If you look closer, these unlisted listings are so cheap that you wonder how to not be too eager.

Just received my tax bill for one of the land, it was valued at 33% of my purchase price, i.e., I bought at 3 times the actual valuation of the land. That means with my money, the previous owner can now look to buy 3 pieces of similar sized land and restart the sucker cycle to trap more of these fat-cat yellowskins. See how stupid I was. Well, I was never wiser as I would never receive any tax information until I actual own some of them. Not all my purchases are wrong. Some I paid only 10-20% of the land valuations. So, I win some, I lose some. The whites are never stupid. Overall, I won quite big. That's good enough for me. Further, I am not selling any of the purchases, in time, the valuations will catch up.

Learn to play some online interactive games. You would soon realize that you lose most of the online games. You simply can't win big. The cunning birds out there are so many. Many of them were intentionally under-ranked. So if you game with them, they will whip your ass clean. None of them are true-ful to their true ranks. They under-rank to whip you. So, there is no honesty in the internet. You learn to survive. In fact, after a while, your rank stops improving. As your game improves, but your rank stayed. You slowly, like them, become rather under-ranked. Subsequently, like any other cunning players on the internet, any player that plays with you got their ass whipped. You start to collect simple points and goodies, but your rank never ever improve. There are still others who will create multiple nicks to be truly under-ranked. Never mind the game, it is alright to lose, by losing the games, you gain in experience and game skills. So never use anger to determine your life.

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