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b.Capital - Energy Units

The last part is here:   Capital - The curse of Loan 

Let me start off with a show:   Dragon Heart

“A knight is sworn to valour.
His heart knows only virtue.
His blade defends the helpless.
His might upholds the weak.
His word speaks only truth.
His wrath undoes the wicked.” 

This is a very good show. It is light but heavy in meaning.

Only about 1000 years, we were under the greedy reigns of kings and knights. After 1000 years, we are not so different. Now we are still plundered by the so-called "democratically-elected" rulers. Dictator Saddam Hussein had 100% parliamentary support. The rings of Animal Farm and Josef Stalin stayed real close. One would be greatly protected if you are under such tortures to leave immediately. Along the way, there would be adjustment pains, but do bear with it for the sake of the next generations. Don't be selfish and think only about yourself. Live a life that is humble and safe. Your family clan will thank you.

Living in the white land is not easy. It involves great inconveniences such as integrating with them. But, if you want your family tree to continue growing. It would have to be the case.

Energy Units

When Japan was booming up to the 1980s, the properties in Tokyo can go for $10k psf. The Japanese were snobbish as if they conquered the world by their cheap-and-good products. They were almost unstoppable. Immediately after, Japan plunged into a depression that lasted at least 3 decades. it is still on-going while we speak. This trend continued with the 4 little dragons and the big dragon.

Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIIGS) were in deep trouble by 2008. USA were in deep shit too. The loans the governments borrowed were huge. Every person wants their smart phones, notebooks, latest techie stuff, large TVs, hand-bags and many more. Soon the Chinaman would be next. The citizens simply over-consumed.

Countries like Canada and Australia sell their minerals and oil deposits to receive cash. This is also not sustainable.

We must understand the meaning of energy units, money is just a piece of rubbish paper. Every day the sun deliver energy to earth, nourishing it with energy. The plants and the trees captured this energy and stored it within their bodies. The animals consume these plants to nourish themselves. The humans consume both the animals and plants for these energy units. But there were too many of us. So some (I think is all) countries will dig and consume stored energy units in the form of oil deposits and minerals. Oil deposits and minerals took millions of years to construct, so although their energy units are high but once plundered, the units would not be so easily replaced, hence, the term "non-renewable".

So if you want to have a safe living, you must never consume more than what the sun can deliver. That way, these energy units are renewable and ever present. That's the reason why I always suggest delaying the development of the land for higher usage such as hotels and shopping malls.

Now that the autumn and soon winter is coming, I noticed a great increase in selling of very large buildings going for a song. Properties in Detroit, after the demise of the motor industries, are now so cheap that you would not believe it. Properties such as schools, churches and government offices in white land are now for sale to the highest bidder.

So if you consume more than what the sun can supply, very soon you would be forced to borrow and once your borrow, the land will soon be taken away. Be honest to yourself, consume humbly. Buy enough land to feed the entire family. Learn to live off the land. If there is sufficient extra, go for a little trip around the world.

For that fucken little island, the end is near. My partner-in-crime always suggested that "everything we do, we must be sustainable. Not only in terms of work output, but also consumption."

Let's enjoy the show ... I meant "Dragon Heart" ... LOL ...

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