Thursday, 29 August 2013

b.Megatrend - War is Needed

The last part is here:   Megatrend - 16-year Depression

I am feeling prophetic today. Not for showing off but to realize the art of praying in the temple . Calculations made in the temple is very important.

Like it or not, the deep depression in 1930 started the world war II in 1939 that ended in 1945. This is a major war effort. Thereafter, since 1946, the west has an unprecedented peace and prosperity. While the west was enjoying the prosperity, a cold war with the eastern bloc was fought (1946-1991). This constant war tension was actually good for the west. The west grew from strength to strength.

But, once the cold war ended, the west immediately needed another major war to game. They then started the gulf war I (1990) and gulf war II (2003). Noticed the approximate 10 years' gap.

To date, another 10 years has gone by. The west is now itching for another war. The reason for war is simple. The west needs tons of money to finance their retirement funds. Their greying population is giving the leaders sleepless nights.

Waging war is no different from defamation suits of that fucken little island. Once the war is concluded, the loser would have to owe the victor a huge sum of money which the loser has to honour using their oil reserves. With these cheap resources at the disposal of the west, they can sustain their lifestyle a little longer.

When they feel poor again, approximately every 10 years at the current rate, they will wage another major war.

The trend is obvious. This coincides with the need to take care of the retiring baby boomers. War is therefore very imminent now. They will come out with all kind of excuses to wage one. Once war is waged, the currency will depreciate and the west will have to pay less in terms of debt and net-worth. It is their way of depreciating their currency with no ill side-effect.

Over time, wars would be more and more frequent. So stay with the winning side, i.e., the whites. Go and stay with food produces. Keep cash to buy up more land globally.

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