Monday, 19 August 2013


The last part is here:   The Making of the Karmic Monster

3 days ago, a guy from a little island has rescinded his contract with me. He has caused me some inconvenience, but, I managed to resolve it after 3 days. The damage done was not too bad. Today, I am good to go again. In exchange, the good news is I am no longer obligated to complete any goodwill I might have committed to him. In short, I am now bond-free from any friendship insinuations. For every bad, there is always good that follows.

The cost of course is I can't blog for the last 3 days. He has robbed me of my comfort food.I am so glad to be back in one piece.

I enjoy this kind of relationship very much. After a few rounds of drinking and eating with me (I make sure I paid for all of these sessions), many guys fail to understand that this is actually my mating dance of business. If after a few rounds of eating and drinking and there is no reciprocity, I will then run away real fast. If he passes this stage, I will ask him for fulfillment of a small non-monetary contract. If he makes it, then I will think carefully about his trust-worthiness. At this point, to many of my best friends, they found me stupid. By now, I would have spent quite a bit for all their drinks and meals. But, to me, it is still a cheap cost to pay to find truth.

The compromise nowadays is to treat only gals. That way, I don't suffer any losses at all. I have good meals and I have great companionship.

Guys I met tended to judge very quickly on my sponge-worth to them. But, I am an old guy, quite slothful most of the time. So the quick-hand-quick-leg guys were too anxious to see great results. The results I have gotten were through years and years of slog. They expect me to hand them the success on a silver platter with no time-delay. I am afraid other than my heir(s) or loved ones, they would never be able to receive it. It is just not fair.

At the end of the day, I am still merrily single and available, doing things that I always enjoy ... the hunt of business.

The hunt of business is very interesting, it will bring me to places I have never been. Opens my eyes and offers great comfort food.

Many guys always thought that doing business is a risky business. You either make money or you don't. But, I usually don't define it that way. Because, most of the time in business, I touched gold. It was always the partners that played me out. So before I embark on a business venture, I will first ask myself if I can handle it alone. Usually I can't ... lol ... too lazy. Then I will try to procure an honest partner. I might even give him great shares. Because, a good honest partner is worthy million more than the business venture. If this partner puts his nose on the grindstone. I not only get gold, I will draw diamonds.


The time has come for me to complete the teaching of 孫子兵法。There is no shortcut to knowledge. There is no shortcut to council of the strong. There is no shortcut to the temple.

夫 未 戰 而 廟 算 勝 者 , 得 算 多 也 ; 未 戰 而 廟 算 不 勝 者 , 得 算 少 也 ;多 算 勝 , 少 算 不 勝 , 而 況 於 無 算 乎 ? 吾 以 此 觀 之 , 勝負 見 矣 。

Use this knowledge wisely, you will triumph over all evils ...

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