Friday, 2 August 2013

g.Skirt Chasing - Bluff the Gal a Dream

The last part is here:   弃我去者,昨日之日不可留。 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧!

Most of us guys have very little to show the gals. Unless you are that 0.1% of guys who have everything.

So we have no choice but to bluff the gal a dream. In that dream, we can be a knight in shinning armour trodding to her rescue -  she, a condemned damsel living in misery in a hard country. He then picked her up and threw her behind and together they rode towards the rainbow. AND of course, they will live happily ever after. After a while, the gal got bored and she would look like another damn damsel in distress looking for another knight in shinning armour to the rescue. The cycle repeats.

How to sell a dream?

The dream must have 3 parts:

(1)   The end-point - The end point must never be too far-fetched. Else, the gal will smell a rat. It must have a holiday and overseas component whereby you and her can laze around for 6 months each year just looking at sunsets and nothing else to do in a land where only the whites frequented.

(2)   The execution-point - The execution must not be so complicated that you lose her totally. It must be in simple English and in terms that are simple for her to comprehend. You must have the ambition of controlling and commandeering more men to work in your enterprise. The money component is always self-helped, i.e., you already have that savings to start and end it all.

(3)   The present-point - This part you have to explain to her why are you still a poor bastard. The environment, your bad bosses, your poor lineage, i.e., blame your parents for being so poor, or your bad, bad friends are just too much for you to bear. You already have what you need to make it, BUT, you are so lack of opportunity, luck, timings and all.

Gals love to help a guy about to make it. She will feel the risk is all worth-the-while. She is an investor and hopefully of blue chips. She will think very hard. AND she will fall for the trap. You, as a guy on the other hand is a super-hero in the making, BUT, you are still a poor, poor bastard. Every gal dreams to help a broken hero. So let her have that dream too.

Well, by now, the dream should be sold. AND you can live happily ever after. I hope ...

Most of us have gotten by by lying anyway ...

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