Tuesday, 6 August 2013

p.Story - The reluctant Dictator in the Making

The last part is here:   Story - Josef Stalin's Chicken

The show is here:   The Dictator

Today, I felt a little generous. So maybe I will share a little of the above-captioned dictator's mind. The above-captioned dictator has a very vengeful feeling towards all his "friends" and fools around him. He assumed bad about the quality of these surrounding people, none of them was able to reflect his power of analysis. In short, he found these people intellectually indisposed. He has no choice but to find solace in some one whom he could at least trust. He therefore trusted the one that gave him his new-found power structure. I can go on and on to detail his mind-set, but, I have no love for this man to be so detailed.

Anyway ... I have lost interest in writing further. It is too boring for me ... His failure in Wadiya does not deserve my sympathy. Sorry.

小楼昨夜又春风, 云雨巫山数落红。

Let's enjoy the show ...

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