Thursday, 8 August 2013

p.The Making of the Karmic Monster

The last part is here:   Leaving the good shore in search of a better life

LIFT: Limpeh Is Foreign Talent is a rare talent. He has magnanimously avail himself to serve a greater good. He teaches you guys on how to handle some of the finer things in life. But, to date, too many have attacked him. I have defended him in Leaving the good shore in search of a better life. Whether you do agree or disagree with him, it is not important. The important thing is he stands to be counted. That's what matter. I don't even have the guts like him to stand and be counted. It is not that easy. His willingness to share makes him apart from all the fuckens I have met.

Just today, I have discovered another gem -  Darkness. He wrote something very original in Log 2: 07-08-13 -Reflections in the field on a moonless night. Out of respect, I shan't repeat what he has written. You go and enjoy yourself there. I have always avoided close-quarter fighting as I know it is a zero-sum game. One will win and one will surely get hurt. Of course, the winner wins big and takes it all. The reward is more than ample. But, the loser loses everything including his life. Call me a coward, I much prefer a smaller fight than stake it all on one hand.

In my Zen Stories, I copied a tale of the Emperor's Seed to it. It said, "If you plant greed, you will reap loss." How very well said.

All along I always curse and swear to god why karma don't befall on those who deserve a good beating, instead, only good people suffer in silence. How very wrong!

A very, very long time ago in the land of the super poor farmers, it was deemed good karma that a fucken old guy married some one rich and powerful. He in turn got rich and powerful. He had a good family. Because he was a poor bastard before, his wife was not willing to give up any power, unless she has the whole of him. She started a family rule that said that he could only fuck her. It was only natural.

Now that his cock was stopped from screwing around, he turned his mind to power, after all the greatest sex organ is the brain. He screwed every one young and old. If he mind-fucks the brain sufficiently, he will get the same highs.

The family was brought up in the strictest of the married woman's rule. The son, instead of winning pretty gals' hearts, had to settle for ugly fucks and his dick wondered to the asshole bandits. The daughter got into very exotic taste for slaves and fucked only her tchaikovskys.

The fucken old guy had build great karmic bads. He has built an army full of greedy bastards, selfish and self-centred idiots who suck any one's cock as long as they get cash in return and in darkness' word - monsters.

The fucken old guy has made all his fellow cock-suckers an image of himself. The mini-mes. This is brilliant!

Now it doesn't matter if that fucken little farm sinks or floats, I have got no one to save, except for loved ones.

If ever, that fucken little farm gets to deploy the two talents I have highlighted here. She would have been a thousand times better. But, Mother Nature is fair, she gives every young seedling a fair chance to strike it out on their own. That fucken old guy and his fucken little farm simply have no more real talent to con. So sad, huh?

Thank you, Darkness for the enlightenment!


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