Wednesday, 25 December 2013

b.Politicking in Business (II)

The last part is here:   Politicking for Business

Politics is a really, really a bad word.

Stoop very low and be subservient, but, always at the most appropriate time, show that you can have alternatives. Suggest that you may decide to play in other sandboxes too.

Politicians no matter how strong, still need to play with the business people. So you should not feel too strange to stand a little taller at times, although mostly subservient.

This kind of play requires practice. So for a start, deal with the younger ones first before trying for the old hags.

Do not try to bribe too early. Anyway, bribing is too low tech. You must rise above that. Instead you should learn to trade in relative benefits. At all times, different people has needs and benefits. Learn to arrange to trade them among themselves. Be the best mediator. Bribing is low tech and criminal, so don't go there.

There is always a way to do politics without playing too much into their designated sandboxes. These sandboxes are illusions and need not be too strictly adhere to.

One specific warning is never to deal with the opposition parties. 断人衣食,犹如杀人父母。So be super worried. The ruling party is ruthless when it comes to dealing with opposition parties. Don't get involved in the cross-fire.

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