Sunday, 8 December 2013

p.Rest in Peace

The last part is here:   Holocaust II - Rebecca and Gabriel Loh

We hear of many deaths happening almost every day. So we usually steel our hearts and ignore their tug at our heart strings.

Today, I heard of an Indian foreign worker got beheaded by a bus and caused a riot in a small Indian congregation area.

This is a sad day for me. We are mere migrants seeking only for a renewed chance to live or an opportunity to seek our fortunes in a new land, where our own land has dimmed our livelihood.

Instead of using one's bare hands and hard work in exchange for a chance to live, his life was extinguished with not a murmur in his name. Such is the perils of life.

I pray that he will move on to a better path. I also pray that his family will not be too grieved by his demise. May the great tengri bless this family in need. Living in big shitland or small shitland is also no easy shit.

May he rest in peace ...


  1. Bless you for your beautiful words. And bless the gentleman who died. Keep well.

  2. Thank you, Sir, for visiting and your kind words.

    Compassion is not an easy task. How I wish there are compassionate guys and leaders like your good self, then this world would not need any more migration. It would be heavenly just to stay put. But, greed has no bounds. Sigh ...

    May I wish you and your family every good fortune, health and karma for the coming year.