Thursday, 26 December 2013

p.A Reflection of Year 2013

The last part is here:   Merry Christmas 2013

Throughout my life, there were many ups and downs. Downs mostly. Whenever I was up, there were always sadness that followed.

Interestingly Year 2013 has been really good to me. Many ups and very little downs.

I don't pray for absolute victories all the time. I just wish for peace.

My wish for 2014 is to strengthen even further and start to help families-in-need.

Finally I am strong enough to offer assistance.

Charity must start from home. Only when the home is strong, only then I can offer assistance to those around me.

Let that be my wish and covenant. I shall not abuse the power afforded to me.

May this coming year be a great blessing to all around me and all who are closed to me. I also wish all who are not so near me find peace in what they do. Hatred is poison to the mind. May there be peace. May there be love too. May all those who are powerful to reflect on the karmic path they are threading. If they are at peace with what they are doing, by all means, go ahead. If tengri decides otherwise, then may karma be the one true path. Hating a person is very negative, loving a person is better. If one can't find love, then leave if one must. I have left.

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