Sunday, 22 December 2013

p.14 yo Girl's hand crushed in sugar cane machine

The last part is here:   Holocaust II - Japanese Women Not Interested in Sex 

A 14-year-old girl's hand was crushed in a sugar cane machine on Sunday evening. Eyewitnesses said the incident happened when the girl was helping her father out at his sugar cane stall at a hawker centre. They said the girl's right hand was stuck in the machine when they arrived. Rescuers had to use tools to release her hand. She was then sent conscious to hospital. The injuries sustained were from her fingers to wrist area and her bones were crushed. 

foreseer:  man... those things are dangerous i thought about it before it's just a matter of time 

GuyFawkesNight:  This kind of things u thought only happen in Sg during 1980s, 90s. Now 2013 still got father stupid enough to ask young daughter to work at the hawker stall with that dangerous machine. Father is going to feel guilty for the rest of his life

kcarry:  should wear armored gloves b4 handling the sugarcane

Esmond Wan Mo Peh:  cannot give handjob liao

alchemist_acid:  sinkies weekend only can help father press sugarcane ft weekend eat drink piak

xocrrer:  Her father is fugged up.

Outliers:  quite surprised the dad allows her to use the machine. 14 yr old very young leh. the dad guilty for life liao, how to return that hand.. You rather earn more money and risk her safety... quite sad. hand gone is scarred for life liao leh.. wth..

matthew9000:  is that a legal age for working?

GuyFawkesNight:  Quite super amazing that you think the father is not to be blamed.

AshleyRiot:  Seriously...**** you guys who made those dumb and insensitive comments... you are no different from a few idiots who videotaped the whole thing when the firemen were there trying to rescue her... I was there at the scene when it happened just now and it is not at all funny...Was queuing for the Hokkien mee opposite the sugar cane stall and I heard a sudden scream...I turned my head and saw the poor girl's right hand stuck in the machine and she kept repeating it's painful. The most sad thing was I couldn't do anything but just stand there stunned..helpless feeling..and it's an awful feeling No...I don't have pics and don't ask me for any...It is not one bit funny if you were there to witness this...

Chiong:  sinkies must find something to blame when things happen. i see u learn well from our masters. we comfy comfy at home, sometimes also must think got ppl outside more unfortunate. not everyone grew up in luxury.

game goondu:  sibei sad... i'm quite sure its daughter helping her father and at the same time have some father-daughter bonding... father must have regretted not stopping her daughter from helping... on the other hand, i hope its not because of some stupid carelessness on the daughter part that got her in trouble... eg. 1 hand putting the suger cane into the machine, the other hand holding her phone read facebook...

xocrrer:  By putting a 14yo risking operating a machine? I hv only seen small boys n gers just doing cashier job. This is her father negligence clearly...

R3ally Stupid Idiot:  you also fug up wor~! you never call ambulance for help~? can at least calm her down and look for first aid box nearby wor~!

kasosei:  really sad. how will aware twist this case to benefit them again?

Gabriel_23:  hahaha nice, ganna daiji blame the machine blame the father curse and swear at him, when younger generations help out their parents you say why allow the kid to work such hard labours such as a hawker AND if they dont help out you all say strawberry generation la blah blah blah ? what the fark you want? 

Whisper:  Child labour lah leh!

dannytan87:  handling blades should be adult job in the first place. nv think thoroughly

laksaboy:  Now that's a fruitful way to spend your school holidays.

Mystery:  Cham, felt sorry for her and school is starting in two weeks time.

nutbush:  ya, the father is at fault, never tell her the danger and caution her enough of the machine.

laksaboy:  Now her dream of becoming a drinks seller at a hawker centre has been utterly crushed.

SgGoneWrong:  Laksaboy u are an extremely selfish idiot to say that of a child helping at her father's small business and met such an unfortunate accident. I bet u are a legless armchair critic who moves around in wheelchair or is bedbound and hence cannot feel any sympathy for anyone other than yourself. 

My Comment:

After such a sad, sad incident. What did the forummers say? It is so deviant. The society is slowly crumpling to the ground. It has reached the point of no-return. There is no longer compassion. There is no longer hope. If you dropped dead on the spot, be sure that only the vultures come visiting. 仆街, 冚家鏟! 屌你老母! 冚家富貴! Repentance? LOL. Even an ant outperforms a fucken in compassion.

I just pray that tengri helps the gal in need ... in metta ... fuckens around her have failed badly ...

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