Friday, 6 December 2013

p.Song - 問世間 - 張德蘭

The last part is here:   Song - Morning has Broken

The song is here:   問世間+留住今日情(無線電視劇《神鵰俠侶》插曲1983年)-張德蘭
神雕俠侶插曲 張德蘭 作詞:元好問 作曲:顧嘉煇 

問世間,情是何物? 直教生死相許. 
天南地北, 雙飛客, 老翅幾回寒暑.
歡樂趣, 離別苦, 就中更有痴兒女.
君應有語, 渺萬里層雲, 千山暮雪, 隻影向誰去.

Totally listening to her songs. So fantastic.

Now rewatching 《神鵰俠侶》 - 1983 serial.

The only way to keep myself sane in this onslaught of yellow locusts invasion of the white land. Totally viscous. Totally brutal. Totally damaging. Totally not home-coming.

The only joke I enjoyed is that every yellowskin I met on the street I saw no smile. Life must have been hard for them too. LOL.

That's the price to pay for not huddling together. But, what do they know? I am only just another clown yellowskin trying to make it in white land. Nothing special. Nothing spectacular. I just have to make my way through the white waters. I have nothing to give them. I don't even patronize their stores.

I guess yellowskins only know best how to bully their own kind.

Please enjoy the song ...

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