Tuesday, 3 December 2013

p.I am Promoted

The last part is here:   Porcupines

The grand mayor chieftain finally agreed to sire the hot spring to my name, but only for 5 years. He said that if everything goes well, I will be promoted to second junior member in the ring of power in a year's time. Wtf? No money, no announcement, why do I need such name?

He also insisted that for every sale that comes out of the hot spring, he will get 10%. Aha! Luckily I was used to Mr 10% and Mr 20% back where I came from. So I happily agreed. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Although this is a happy event, my concern has always been what will happen to my back room. Now everyone will be baying for my blood. Sharing this spoil is going to be a tough event. Suddenly, every one played bola, including many sleepy heads. (._x)

Now, I have to calculate each share entitlement. The sharing must be fair.

Need to plant more cypress trees.

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