Sunday, 14 July 2013

b.Land - Distressed properties

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One of the golden times to buy land is now here. It will be good for the next 16-18 years. Take you time to get them. Seek out as many distressed properties as possible. Even if you are not able to buy now, it is always good to read the newspapers and internet. I personally feel that the best information must come from the internet. Nowadays almost every one is so lazy that they can't be bothered even to flip the newspapers. They just do an internet search and the information just drops out. It is that simple. Information providers have since changed their dissemination to the new channel - the worldwideweb.

Many websites claim that they are privy to information such as foreclosures and bank auctions. Please don't trust any of them and part with your hard-earned money. They are just sponges. They will just take your money and not give you any value in return. In the end, you lose money and you are now poorer and even further away from buying a piece of land. Trust only official or near-official websites. The best thing is that they are usually free, not like information from that fucken little island, where everything is charged.

Be extremely patient about hunting for a piece of land. Sometimes you get about 50% off the usual price. For me, I once get 90% off the usual price. Can you ever imagine you can get a land at only 10% of its true value. All you have to do is to get the seller agent to do a turn-coat on her seller and voila, you have your cake and eat it (Nowadays most seller agents are female. I don't deal with buyer agents, they are a waste of my time).

Careful surveys are very important. Study your quarry. Go for the kill only when you are ready. If you ever lose any opportunity, it just means that you are not fated to own it. Move on. There will be other and better ones that will come along. Meantime, starts saving every single cent to the dollar. Delay as much luxury purchases as possible. Balance your act. Just be nice to the woman-folks so that they don't give you problem when you finally go for the kill.

If ever possible, parcel out your capital into 10 to 20 different purchases. Make the first purchase and you will find that you are making newbie mistakes. Be patient, your brain muscles are not yet tuned. By the tenth purchase, you can almost turn water into wine. By which time, your first few purchases are giving you regular incomes sufficient to buy your subsequent and bigger purchase. If needed, parcel out the new income and continue the good work. Don't be in a hurry to spend them all. It is good to keep some for rainy days. Some times, it is appropriate to spend these regular incomes on your family members and pamper your woman-folks, they have been made hungry long enough. Buy them the best holidays and toys. Have a balanced lifestyle.

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