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g.Pants Chasing

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Caveat Emptor

Before I start, I believe every gal has a dream man of their life, and they all come in different shapes and specifications. So what I am going to write is only suitable to only a specific group of gals. It is by no means completely suitable for all gal groups. Hopefully, it speaks truth for most gal groups though.

Guy Mentality

By nature, guys are very simple folks. Their genes still stuck back in 200,000 years ago. Hence, innately guys are hunters at heart. After they have hunted the best animals, they will go back to their fruit-gathering woman groups and try to hump as many attracted females to the food table as possible. They really don't have much other greater ambition. Fast forward to today, guys similarly have 2 key worries: career and gals.

In career, they normally strive to hit the top as soon as possible as they wanted to show-off like a peacock to peahens and hope to attract the finest species. They do so by going to different channels. Some go into politics to acquire power (leader, individual). Some go into business and acquire money (employer, individual). Some go into facilitating a huge group in achieving goals (employee, group). Some goes into skill-selling (self-employed, individual or group). Some go into religion (mind-fucker, individual or group). Each of these pursuits has pros and cons. Each pursuit entails money and power, both money and power components ultimately are measured in monetary terms.

Sufficed to say, the winner is the guy who has absolute power over another guy's life-and-death, such as an emperor. Every guy dreamed about being an emperor. With the absolute power to life-and-death, the gals will clamour for his attention and it doesn't matter how many competitors and sharing. Given a chance, the gals will just go for it. Too juicy to let up the proximity chance. Lower down the power line are equally attractive too, such as court officers and so on ... So even traffic police sergeant got a chance to fuck if the gal kana ticketed.

Second comes the monied man. Not matter if you are a CEO of a huge corporation or a sampan, the gals will go for you if you are full of money. Ultimately, money is a good measure of the guy's ability to acquire luxury. The gal's key measure is only the amount of luxury the guy can supply and for how long. So even if the guy is an old fuck, the gals from 18 to 99 years of age will still be keen to know the guy. Such is the draw of money.

In gals, the guy's interest is actually very simple. He just want to ensure that his genes are carried to the next generation. In the past, the guy used to hope for 10 kids. But nowadays, he is lucky to have just one. His dilemma is huge. Coupled with the fact that the law-of-the-land prohibits polygamy, his bag of trick is now very restricted. It is therefore no surprise that the gals that he humps are as bad as whalers and porkies. He will always try his best to propagate his genes through very random liaisons. Prostitution is the modern solution of the government-of-the-day in reining in rape crimes.


I have mentioned before, the total length of man is constant. If the guy spends his early years in grooming his fur, he will get tons of gals due to his youth and body. But, he will be poor and unsexed for the rest of his life. If the guy spends his early years in building his career, he will not get as many gals. Hopefully his investment in time on career pays off, he will be sexed for the rest of his life.

Gals don't really care whether his cock is young or old, she will sex him to sire the next generation if he proves to be the real thing. A guy can sire kids even at 99 years of age, if the young gal allows.

Beta and Alpha Males

Gals are extremely sensitive towards whether the guy is an alpha or beta. If he is an alpha, i.e., too many gals around him, the gal will sex him regardless to get his superior genes, as she has considered her peers must have done a good job in evaluating his quality. Her peers will even explain in great details his sexual performance. Sexual performance is equated to alphaness. Rough sex is clear indication of alphaness. That's why fantasy of most gals is to be raped. It will give them high when masturbating. An alpha is characterised by not being able to stay to take care of the young.

All other males are beta. Beta males are known to be great nest keepers. They stick to the nest and bring up the youngs. Given a choice, the gal will keep a beta male and quietly sex an alpha for his genes. The sired young will be brought up by the cuckooed beta male. Sad, but true. The risk involved in being caught is high, but the gal has no power over this tendency, it is coded in her genes.

Cuckoo game is very dangerous to the gal. If found out, the off-spring might be killed. Check the sexual habits of monkeys and lions. We humans are no different. I am puzzled that many gals behave with such tendency. As in order to reach today's generation, the beta guy's ancestors must have one time or another been made a general, else there is no way the guy's genes can propagate till this day. Playing the cuckoo game is not really that wise a choice. Gals are advised against this maternal instinct.


Strong guys like to be pampered. A gal should never try to wear pants in front of the strong guy. She will fail big time. That being said, some guys like to be dominated. Some gals like to dominate. So to each their cup of tea. Exercise regularly and do doll up and make the guy proud to get her as his arm candy. If he don't even feel proud about showing her off.  Chances are that she as a gal has lost.

Quite a large number of gals are extremely lazy. She thinks that by having a golden pussy, she would have already won. Sorry, bad choice. A strong guy has full of choice. He is limited edition. Too many gals have sought his attention before her. So from young, he already had been schooled in this social game. His skill level is high and not much different from the gal's ability in social awareness. So go out to events, activities, festivals and parties that will fill with these princelings. Some princelings are quite shy and may not appear. They might even appear to be damn beta, but do be careful, these betas can become alpha overnight. Great examples are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. 

It is that simple.

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