Saturday, 27 July 2013

p.Tree - Cypress 松柏

The last part is here:   Tree - White Oak

Cypress Tree

A blood relation just told me that he likes my idea of a tree. He said he also wanted a tree to be named after him. Since he is richer than me, he is entitled to a taller and bigger tree. He also wanted a pair of the same trees at one location.

He chose the cypress tree as his name has the words "松柏" in it. He will pass me the seeds to start. The trees are expected to be 350 feet tall (about 11 acres in size) and live up to 3500 years. Within the perimeter, he wants only grass or small trees to be planted. Again, if the trees were to die, the seeds will restart another pair. He wants the trees to bring harmony to the family.

Wow ... He really did his research.

Sigh ... naughty boy ... so demanding. I asked him why he choose such a tree? He said he is the alpha and the omega. I humbly respected his words.

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