Sunday, 28 July 2013

p.Fate is Strange

The last part is here:   一生何求 

Fate works in strange way. I am so sad and expected to wallow deep into my soul to find that answer. There in the horizon, a strange but majestic crane appears right in front of me, telling me to understand that in life, for every ten things, there would always be nine bads and one good. Grit that teeth and survive the nine bads, and when the one thing good that comes along, savour its bitter sweetness and tell yourself life is still worth every moment.

For that, the silver crane bowed before me and gave me a silver feather. In that feather, it showed the words "同甘共苦". How wise!


The crane told me that far across the great mountain range, there is a holy land awaits me. It has yet the waterfall I asked for, but, a beautiful and pure river flows in between. Get that land for this land is destined to be mine. Do it not in the autumn colours, but through the bitter winter chills. I must always be able to remind myself that I come not from riches but humble background. I can only acquire this holy land with bitterness in my stead.

I humbly accepted her offering. The crane asked me, don't forget to breathe.

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